TaqGen® Plant Genomic DNA Purification Kit (50 preps)


The TaqGen® Plant Genomic DNA Purification Kit, based on advanced spin column technology, offers a streamlined, efficient, and reliable method for extracting high-quality genomic DNA from a variety of plant tissues. The kit provides an easy, rapid and efficient purification of high quality plant genomic DNA from leaves, stems, seeds, or roots. The purified DNA can be used directly in a variety of downstream applications, including PCR, RealTime PCR, southern blotting and restriction enzyme digestion.


Obtain consistent, high yields of pure genomic DNA, free from contaminants and inhibitors. Compatible with a wide range of plant species and tissue types. Clear, step-by-step instructions ensure a hassle-free workflow, ideal for both novice and experienced researchers. Kit component: quality Spin columns, with Proteinase K powder and Poteinase Buffer, Genomic Digestion Buffer, Lysis buffer, wash Buffer 1 & 2, Elution buffer and protocols.


Application Isolation of plant gDNA
CE certified No, research use only
Technology Silica membrane technology
Automated use No
Sample material Plant tissues: leaves, stems, seeds, or roots
Sample amount < 200 mg
Fragment size 150 bp–approx. 50 kbp
Typical yield 0.1–80 µg (200 mg)
Theoretical binding capacity 80 µg
Typical purity A260/A280 1.7–1.9
Elution volume 100 µL
Preparation time 20 min/12 preps
Typical downstream application Real-time PCR, Southern blotting
Storage temperature 18−25 °C
Shelf life (from production) 12 Months

Technical Data


TaqGen® Plant Genomic DNA Purification Kit


  • PCR and qPCR.
  • Next Generation Sequencing (NGS).
  • Cloning and Genotyping.
  • Gene Expression Analysis
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