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Nucleic Acid Extraction

TaqGen® Technologies has developed new chemistries for nucleic acid extraction that covers ranges of nucleic acid extraction products that generates high yield of superior quality of genomic DNA, RNA or total nucleic acid from sample type like clinical sample, food & feed, meat & meat products, forensic specimen.

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HIV home-testing kits are available!

We can organize your HIV DNA test in India, Srilanka, Nepal, Middle east, Nigeria, Kenya, Ethiopia, Zambia, South Africa and other Sub Saharan countries. We offer you the convenience of taking an HIV test in your own time and in the privacy of your own home through DBS card (Dried blood card) 

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Mini Spin Column for DNA/RNA extraction

TaqGen® spin columns for DNA & RNA purification can retain nucleic acid samples with minimal loss, while concomitantly removing salts and small molecules with an efficiency of up to 99.99%. This results in high sample yields and reproducible results for downstream processes such as cloning, PCR, Realtime PCR, transformation, restriction digestion and sequencing

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About Us!

TaqGen® is the Molecular Diagnostics Company founded in Mumbai, India. We are committed to an impressive Molecular Diagnostic and Genetic Research, providing superior quality diagnostic services & products for infectious diseases, food bioscience, forensic science and Molecular biology research to its customers through a very efficient Online network support. 

With our expertise in manufacturing, state-of-the-art technology platform, sophisticated QA system, and experience in timely services, we provide the best possible service to our customers as a supplier of Nucleic Acid Purification kit and customized Realtime PCR Diagnostic kit.

Sayyed Sharif

CEO, Founder

Our Services!


Stigma discourages people from seeking information and programs, for fear it will make others think they have HIV, are promiscuous or unfaithful. It also concerns about the attitudes of Lab technicians or medical officers and worries about what a positive results would mean are all barriers to us taking a test. But knowing your HIV status is the best way to keep yourself and other people healthy. So the privacy and control that home testing can provide should mean it’s a more attractive option for some people.

Using the test contents provided, you clean your chosen finger, prick it with one of the lancets, collect some blood – either in a tube for postal testing, or onto a testing strip for self-testing (exact steps may vary, so check instructions).

This test involves the using of Dried blood spot (DBS card) specimens are collected by applying just 3 drops per circle of the card, drawn by lancet from the finger onto specially manufactured IVD DBS card. The blood is allowed to air dried for an hour. Spotted card are then stored in low gas-permeability plastic bags with desiccant added to reduce humidity, and may be kept at ambient temperature, even in tropical climates.

Once the sample reach in the laboratory, technicians separate a small disc of saturated paper from the card to extract the Blood Genomic DNA and perform HIV-1 DNA Qualitative by using Taqman Realtime PCR method on IVD platform. The HIV DNA Realtime PCR test are 99% Sensitivity and 98% specificity.

DBS sample can be obtained by just pricking the finger, so no trained lab technicians or phlebotomist. Requires only a small amount of blood. Easy to store. Easy to transport.No need of temperature control in transportation. Low biohazard. A widely used method of specimen collection for HIV-1 PCR testing around the world.Performs comparably with whole blood collection methods in terms of sensitivity and specificity for HIV using Realtime PCR assay. It facilitate wider accessibility to the testing service.

Licensed HIV tests that have been approved by national authorities are very reliable. On rare occasions they will produce a positive result which is then found to be negative – known as a false positive test result.

If you receive a positive result from your home test you should go to an HIV clinic as soon as possible for a confirmation test.

If you have taken a postal test you will be invited to your nearest clinic when you receive your result. If you have taken a self-test the kit should include information about contacting your local clinic.

Remember that it may take up to three months from the time of infection for traces of HIV to show up in an HIV test. The kit will provide you with more specific information about this ‘window period’.

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