Easy 3 steps

1. Order

Your Blood collection Card kit typically arrives within 3 to 5 days. Express shipping is available.

2. Spot

Follow kit instructions to spot blood in the DBS card (Dried Blood card) provided — all from home. Validate your DBS card using the barcode (Sample ID) so we know it belongs to you, no actual name of a person is required, since it is an anonymous testing and mail it back to our lab in the given package.

3. Report

In approximately one week, we will send you an email to let you know your reports are ready, confirm and reply to get your result online. Know what your DNA says about you.

Testworthy® HIV DNA PCR HOME ACCESS TEST is fast, convenient and easy test for HIV detection. We are experts in the field of HIV Proviral DNA testing. We perform more than 3000 tests year. We offer you the best tests, most accurate results and skilled medical experts for Pre and post test counseling. 

HIV home-testing kits are available in many of countries. We can organize your HIV DNA test in India, Srilanka, Nepal, Middle east, Nigeria, Kenya, Ethiopia, Zambia, South Africa and other Sub Saharan countries. We offer you the convenience of taking an HIV test in your own time and in the privacy of your own home through DBS card (Dried blood card), which makes it one of the leading techniques to achieve 100% confidential and anonymous testing. 

We try to get your results in least possible time. As we appreciate that quick results mean less stress and anxiety. We can arrange your DNA test even when test participants live in different locations. We will ensure a quick, seamless and timely process, working closely with our certified counselor and medical experts to provide you with your test results.

Once you have ordered your tests you will receive an email confirming of your tests with the Sample ID and the location of your home. Mail your confirmation for the appropriate date of collection and once you receive the Blood collection card, follow the instruction and spot the blood and send them to our laboratory. Take your appointment for Pre and Post test counseling with our medical staff for absolutely free. Test results will be ready in 1 to 5 days. We will notify you when your results are all available. If your test shows a positive result and you need to speak to a doctor, just let us know, and we will arrange a discreet consultation at no further cost.


1. Why HIV home-test?

Stigma discourages people from seeking information and programs, for fear it will make others think they have HIV, are promiscuous or unfaithful. It also concerns about the attitudes of Lab technicians or medical officers and worries about what a positive results would mean are all barriers to us taking a test. But knowing your HIV status is the best way to keep yourself and other people healthy. So the privacy and control that home testing can provide should mean it’s a more attractive option for some people.

2. How does a Testworthy® HIV DNA PCR HOME ACCESS test work?

This test involves the using of Dried blood spot (DBS card) specimens are collected by applying just 3 drops per circle of the card, drawn by lancet from the finger onto specially manufactured IVD DBS card. The blood is allowed to air dried for an hour. Spotted card are then stored in low gas-permeability plastic bags with desiccant added to reduce humidity, and may be kept at ambient temperature, even in tropical climates.

Once the sample reach in the laboratory, technicians separate a small disc of saturated paper from the card to extract the Blood Genomic DNA and perform HIV-1 DNA Qualitative by using Taqman Realtime PCR method on IVD platform. The HIV DNA Realtime PCR test is 99% Sensitivity and 98% specificity.

Why Dried Blood Spot card?

DBS sample can be obtained by just pricking the finger, so no trained lab technicians or phlebotomist required. It requires only a small amount of blood. It is easy to store and transport. No need of temperature control in transportation. It is Low biohazard. It is widely used method of specimen collection for HIV-1 PCR testing around the world. It performs comparably with whole blood collection methods in terms of sensitivity and specificity for HIV using Realtime PCR assay. It facilitates wider accessibility to the testing service.

If you receive a positive result from your home test you should go to an HIV clinic as soon as possible for a confirmation test.

Remember that it may take up to three months from the time of infection for traces of HIV to show up in an HIV test. The kit will provide you with more specific information about this ‘window period’.


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