TaqGen®Lysis Buffer (50 Preps)



  1. Taqgen® Lysis Buffer enables high-yield, high-purity, genomic DNA (gDNA) extractions from a wide variety of sample types .
  2. For genomic DNA purification from blood, tissues, cells, yeast, bacteria, swabs, and blood spots, with a familiar silica-based, spin-column format.
  3. Reliable isolation of DNA up to 150 kb in size
  4. Convenient, parallel processing of multiple samples

Detailed Components

The exact composition of Taqgen® Lysis Buffer is confidential. This buffer is a proprietary component of Taqgen® Blood Genomic DNA Kits. Buffer contains a high concentration of guanidine hydrochloride, which supports the binding of DNA to the silica membrane. Taqgen® Lysis Buffer can be purchased separately (cat. no. MBL030)

Compatible with selected TaqGen protocols


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